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John O. Zachman, MD
S. Lee Warnaar, MD
Paul J. Turner, MD
Sarah R. Seaver, DO
Elizabeth S. Elliot, DO
Ph: (231) 932-4880

James G. Milliken, MD
Richard D. Entz, MD
Janet M. Messerschmidt, DO
Carl B. Anders, MD
Ph: (231) 932-4903

David B. MacDougall, MD
Neesha E. Fournier, MD
Ph: (231) 932-4855

Office Fax: (231) 935-0613
Prescription Refills: (231) 932-4920
Medical Records: (231) 932-4901

Billing Department:

For billing inquiries, please call the number associated with your physician below.

Dr. Milliken, Dr. Messerschmidt, Dr. Warnaar, Deborah Moore FNP:  (231) 932-4910
Dr. MacDougall, Dr. Zachman, Dr. Turner, Dr. fournier: (231) 932-4961
Dr. Entz, Dr. Seaver, Dr. Anders, Dr. Elliot:  (231) 932-4909